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Animal Testing

The NOAH products are produced according to the instructions of Regulation 1223/2009, which prohibits the sale of finished products and raw materials used in them, tested on animals (Chap. V Art. 18 “Animal testing”). Therefore, in our website and in our informative materials there are not statements about this subject, as required by EU Regulation no. 355/2013 of the Commission of 10 July 2013 published in the EU Official Journal, in which it is stated that: “The statements are not permitted, when they give the impression, that a product has a specific benefit, if such benefit consists on the simple compliance with the minimum requirements of law. In addition, we want to underline that Pure Brands does not and has never carried out tests on animals (neither on raw materials nor on finished products – L. 713/86 and succ. Mod.). In order to guarantee the quality to the consumer, as much as effectiveness and safety of its products, Pure Brands uses alternative methods to animal testing, by performing in vitro tests or dermatological tests in collaboration with the best Italian universities.

Where to buy

If you are interested in buying NOAH products, you can send an e-mail to export@purebrands.it. We will inform you about the closest shops to you, where you can find our line.

If you are interested in selling our products in your shop/salon, you can send an e-mail to export@purebrands.it to get more information.

Products and Formulas

The pH of our shampoos Hair Line is between 4 and 5.

In order to check the shelf life of every single NOAH product you can read on the back of the packaging the PAO symbol (usually a picture of a jar with a number inside): this indicates the number of months for which the product keeps intact its characteristics from the date of the first opening.

It is possible to consult the ingredients list of each product directly on the page dedicated to it on the website. Under the description, you find the Ingredients list containing the ingredients of the chemical formula. Since in the market you can find various versions (more or less recent) of the same product, some differences are possible between the list of ingredients published on the web site and the one of the product on the shelf.

All products of NOAH Color line is “Nickel tested” as reported on each package. It means that the finished product passed the nickel test.
In any case, you can perform a preliminary sensitivity test 48 hours before using the product.

It is necessary to clarify that it is virtually impossible to avoid completely the presence of this mineral. According to that, to be honest we have to say that Nickel is present in a minimal quantity in our products. Therefore, we have chosen to promote our cosmetic products as “Nickel Tested”. It means that each production batch of NOAH cosmetic products Nickel Tested are subject to analysis for the Nickel.

Hair colours

This varies according to the type of hair, the frequency of the washings and the use of products such as shampoo, masks and specific spray for colored hair.

Our hair colors last around 4 weeks.

Although we select our ingredients to ensure high skin tolerance, we recommend you to follow the advice of your gynecologist. During pregnancy skin sensitivity is higher and so there is an increased risk of allergy even in women who have never had such problems.
For this reason, we do not recommend the application of any hair colour in the first trimester of pregnancy and, as far as the other months, we advise to ask the opinion of the gynecologist: Some recommend the use of natural colors from the 4th month, others recommend it only after pregnancy or breastfeeding.

The NOAH colours guarantee the coverage of white hair from the first application; for better results we recommend the following:
– With less than 50% of white hair, use a shade similar to yours to keep your color;
– With more than 50% of white hair, use a shade with a darker tone to achieve your color.

First of all it is necessary to perform the sensitivity test 48 hours before each application. If you have done other colour treatment before, we are not able to ensure the success of the colouring because the final colour could be different to the one desired. Anyway, successive applications, spaced one month apart, will allow you to achieve the desired color. It is better to perform a test on a strand behind your neck to check the outcome of the color.

All products of NOAH Color line is “Nickel tested” as reported on each package. It means that the finished product passed the nickel test.
In any case, you can perform a preliminary sensitivity test 48 hours before using the product.

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