Are Noah products tested on animals?

The NOAH products are produced according to the instructions of Regulation 1223/2009, which prohibits the sale of finished products and raw materials used in them, tested on animals (Chap. V Art. 18 “Animal testing”). Therefore, in our website and in our informative materials there are not statements about this subject, as required by EU Regulation no. 355/2013 of the Commission of 10 July 2013 published in the EU Official Journal, in which it is stated that: “The statements are not permitted, when they give the impression, that a product has a specific benefit, if such benefit consists on the simple compliance with the minimum requirements of law. In addition, we want to underline that Pure Brands does not and has never carried out tests on animals (neither on raw materials nor on finished products – L. 713/86 and succ. Mod.). In order to guarantee the quality to the consumer, as much as effectiveness and safety of its products, Pure Brands uses alternative methods to animal testing, by performing in vitro tests or dermatological tests in collaboration with the best Italian universities.